Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Snotcycle, 2012 edition. Now with more actual biking!

For last weekend's 2012 installment of Snotcycle, Mother Nature decided to treat us to a cool day, completely snow-free (a nice change from last year!). Held in a new semi-open-to-the-public trail system, it was a nice change in scenery (even if that scenery was only the brown greyness of winter woods). I spent most of the race at a water crossing, having found no other really interesting photo op in the woods. I've posted my shots at my new and improved(ish) Smugmug site. Give them a look and see if I managed to catch you. I missed some of the Cat 3 race, unfortunately, and had to cut out before the singlespeeders took to the course.

Thanks to the race organizers for putting on a great event, and to the racers for giving my a reason to freeze my *** in the woods instead of sitting home on the warm couch!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Better later-er-er than never-er-er.

Potomac Velo Club's Wednesdays at Wakefield series is in full swing. In fact, it's 75% done and, were it not for a fortuitous thunderstorm this afternoon, would be 100%.

I was out of town for the first race, but shot the second and third. The shot above might be my favorite (personally shot) mountain bike race photo ever. I tried to re-create the magic the following race, but the lack of dust in the air made the shots less magical.

The third race in the series may have been the first W@W race at which I spent zero time shooting the downhill woop-de-do section. That section usually gets you the best air-catching shots, but after years of parking myself there, I need to find new angles. Stay tuned for the resulting photos.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Better late than never!

Oh hi.

I just realized that Potomac Velo was directing people here to view my pix of their Greenbrier Challenge MTB race. I shoulda figured that out weeks ago, but as I haven't gotten any angry emails, I'm guessing I haven't had much traffic 'round these parts.

Anyway, the photos from the race are hosted (for the time being) on my Pbase site, here:

I'll also update the list over there


at some point and put Greenbrier at the top.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Ahhh, blog. Welcome.

So welcome back, faithful blog!

I changed domain registrars from that hideous, busy-paged, up-selling, misogynistic, elephant killing GoDaddy to the white, clean and neat Took me a couple of days to work out the DNS forwards and settings so we were offline for a bit...but I doubt anybody noticed. And we're back!

This past weekend I shot the Potomac Velo Greenbrier Challenge MTB race in Boonsboro, MD. The photos should be posted tonight or tomorrow. I'll post again when they are. I just wanted to post something so people wouldn't think this page had gone the way of the dinosaur.