Thursday, October 6, 2005

This is dumb

DT pointed out a link that I found a bit annoying...

Seems the NYPD saw fit to cut a bunch of bike locks off of legally parked bikes, and steal (impound?) the bikes.

So I emailed the NYPD and asked what was up:

"I recently saw a report about the bicycle removal from city signposts around the Bedford Ave L station in Brooklyn: I was curious as to why this took place? It seems (from the report above) the bicycles were locked in legal places.

Being a avid cyclist and somewhat an environmentalist, I can't understand why the NYPD seems to put up any roadblock it can to discourage cycling in the city, and thereby encourage more vehicle traffic."

We'll see if they bother to respond. If they do, I'll post it here.

(Update, as of 4/23/07, they didn't bother to respond. Surprise!)