Monday, April 23, 2007

New photos

Here are a couple of my favorite race photos from this past weekend's Leesburg Baker's Dozen. Click on the photos for the full web-sized image.

Rider Mike Buchness (thanks for the ID, Lee!). I like the way the photo came out, with him riding right out of the frame.

Don't know who this guy is either, but I love how the bright blue of his jersey/shorts compliments the bright orange of his bike. No saturation enhancement on this shot, either. It's straight out of the camera.

That's it for tonight. Look for more favorite photos in the future.

Oh, and I've migrated all (I think) of my old bike/racing posts from Rant-o-riffic at this point. So this is *the* place to check out the best of my race photos from now on.


Lee said...

That first shot is Mike Buchness.

Unknown said...

damn buchness, i can't believe you fit that big ass head in that helmet.