Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Damn weather.

So they canceled the 3rd Wednesday at Wakefield race tonight. Spotty rain throughout the day and heavy rains around the park conspired to do us in.

My buddy Ben (aka Rasmussen Photo) and I had planned on attending the race to shoot some pictures. Unfortunately by the time the organizers decided to call it we had already left work, driven to the park, and hiked to the far end of the power the rain. What are you gonna do? Sometimes the optimism just oozes forth from me. C'est la vive. Some days you're the statue.

If there's a speck of good news to come from today, it is that the gent in the Potomac Velo jersey who told us the race was canceled also mentioned that they might re-route next week's course to include the new slalom downhill section (in all its banked-turn glory). On the walk out to our shooting location today I had mentioned to Ben how that would be a cool place to get some photos. I'll have to make sure I get out there early next week and stake out my favorite turn. Stay tuned.

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