Monday, April 21, 2008

Leesburg cont'd.

The rest of my Leesburg Baker's Dozen photos are up. Check them out here, broken down (roughly) by hour. These are pretty much straight outta the camera. The only editing I've done is to resize them.

I'm sticking to my "free as in beer" ethos again this year:

If you want a copy of the web-sized version of the image (for non-commercial use on your blog, web page, whatever) right-click, save-as, done. I'd appreciate a link back to my gallery, or an image credit, but I'm not gonna be a hard-ass about it.

If you want an edited, fixed-up, full-res JPG suitable for 8x10" printing, email me. Assuming the full-res image is up-to-snuff, I'm gonna charge $10 for it. If you want an actual mailed print, it'll be more.

If you're a non-profit trying to save the world or something, email me. I'm a sucker for a good cause.


Lee said...

Nice work as usual. I wanted to get a couple of night shots like that, but just didn't have the energy. Love the ones in the woods.

gmr2048 said...

Thanks Lee. You had better things to do with your down-time than schlep around with a camera and tripod. Like napping!

Blue-eyed Devil said...

Nice pix, g-man. You diggin' that wandering flash technique?

I trust you'll be shooting Lodi?

gmr2048 said...

Thanks man. I'm still getting the hang of the off-camera flash stuff, but the potential is great.

I'll definitely be at Lodi. Hopefully I've sufficiently cleared my schedule so I'll be able to spend a bunch of hours down there shooting, instead of the 1-2 hours I've given myself the last few years.