Thursday, June 26, 2008

W@W2008, v1.0

**UPDATE** All shots from the 530pm, 6pm and 7pm races are up (plus a few shots of racers pre-riding the course). The gallery is here.

I shot the first Wednesday@Wakefield race of the 2008 season last night. I haven't had a chance to slog through all of the images yet, but I did find this one that I thought I'd throw online as a placeholder. More to come.

Note to self: Flash photography is hard. Trust your f/1.4 lens more next time.


Lee said...

I like it man, sure you can get picky about some shadows or whatever, but very cool image. I think the lighting on the rider is very cool. Can't wait to see the rest.

gwadzilla said...

I say get a remote flash
have the flash on a tri-pod
light them from the side
shoot them from the front

I was at a friends show at IOTA
and well... there were more people with cameras playing photographer than there were people on stage

charlie of city bikes was shooting with a remote flash and getting some serious results

it makes things more interesting instead of blowing them out

gmr2048 said...

Thanks Gwadz. This shot (and most shots from this race) were using a remote flash. It's not a technique I have a lot of experience with, so the results show that. Hopefully I'll get better with off-camera flash as time goes by.

Do you have a link for Charlie's stuff? I'd love to see some examples of how it's done.