Monday, April 30, 2007

A couple more from Greenbrier

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Another in my series "No idea who this guy is, but I liked the shot". I foresee this being a long and interesting series.

"Sponsored by..."

The rest of the top 4 riders in UCI points (if I understand the race numbering scheme correctly). From left to right:

2 Jeremiah Bishop
3 Chris Eatough
4 Jeff Schalk

Pictured below (in my earlier post), the #1 UCI points guy, Todd Wells.


camps said...

the top one is IF Pro, Harlan Price, last year's Ultra Endurance winner

gwadzilla said...

here is a chance to support Harlan Price's race ambitions...

as well as a chance to win an IF BIKE!

I bought a bunch of tickets!

gwadzilla said...

and more importantly

gary did you get any photos of the big and slow?

namely me?

let me know

gmr2048 said...

Thanks for the ID, Larry! And thanks for the link, Gwadz. I may pick up a ticket or two for that IF. I can always use another bike!