Tuesday, May 22, 2007

12 Hours of Lodi homepage updated

The fine folks at Teambikeworks.org have updated their homepage with "12 Hours of Lodi" race info. Once again this year, they feature one of my images, and give me a link back to my gallery (where -new for 2007- I'm trying to sell my wares instead of giving them away). Hopefully this will prove fruitful.

This year's image is of local rider Becky cranking up a hill on her NINER singlespeed. The only problem is that the image file on their site is god-awful if you view it in Firefox of Safari. If you view it in IE, it looks fine.

(Nasty GIF image removed)

I tweaked a copy of the image myself and sent it to them asking that they replace the existing image with the better looking one (for both our sake).

They wrote back quickly and said they'd try to get it fixed ASAP.

Update: TeamBikeWorks replaced the image with a better-looking JPG, but it's about 25% of the size.

Oh well. I'm done trying. Maybe I can get a job with them as their web developer. I'm no pro, but I've got basic skillz.

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