Monday, May 7, 2007

Lodi, 2k7

Third time's a charm.

For the third year running, I made the trek down to the 12 Hours of Lodi Farm in Fredricksburg, VA this past Sunday. I had hoped to get an early start, but a late night Saturday kept me in bed until 7:30am on race day. By the time I hit the trail with camera in hand it was nearly 9am.

Hometown favorites "The Big Meats" put in a decent showing this year, as usual:

D(Did somebody say 'fatBOY!'?)T:


(No, really...he races, too!)

and returning prodigal-Meat, Butch:

Also seen on the course was the pink fury M.C. RickyD:

And the mighty Gwadz:

The rest of the cast of characters, friends and strangers alike, can be seen in my pbase gallery. Spread the word far and wide. The images in the pbase gallery were dumped straight from the camera to the web. I didn't spend the time to tweak each one. Just so you know.

I think the time has come for a different tactic on my image distribution. In the past, I've freely given away my shots: low-rez, high-rez, it made no difference. My thinking was always "One day, when I'm more comfortable with my skillz, I'll start charging a little something for my efforts". Well friends, the day has come. As a pro-shooter buddy said to me recently "Your camera was expensive. Lenses are expensive. Gas to get to these races is expensive. Your time is valuable. You should charge something for your work". This fact was driven home as I filled my truck's gas tank to the tune of $53 on the way to the race.

So, in the spirit of open-source/creative commons/help-a-brother-biker-out, if you want only the small, low-rez copy of the pbase image for non-commerical use, feel free. Right-click, 'save image as', done. I'd appreciate a link back to the gallery if you use the image on your website, blog or whatever. At some point I'll put a CreativeCommons notice here (and in the gallery) so you'll know what you can (and can't) do with the images. For now, let's just say no commercial use unless you talk to me first. gmr2048 at yahoo dot com. I'm easy.

If you're interested in a full size, ~300dpi image, suitable for printing 8x10" (maybe bigger), that I've spent some time tweaking and perfecting. I'm gonna charge $10. Shoot me an email and we'll talk.


Lee said...

Great shots Gary! As always!

I think its about time you start getting a little back from your efforts.

gmr2048 said...

Thanks Lee! I don't know that I want to turn this into a full commercial enterprise (yet!). I mean, I shoot cuz I really enjoy shooting. But like I said...gas ain't free. And those $1,000 lenses aren't gonna buy themselves!!

Blue-eyed Devil said...

Nice shots, Gary. Your pix are doubley appreciated since I think all the other "commercial" photographers bailed this year.

Good seeing you--next time, I hope it's on a bike, ha.

Man, that Lone Star food sucked, didn't it? What a fucking post-race, post-damn-hard-effort disappointment!

Trying to get my race write-up done and posted.

buchetti said...

Nice pics Gary. It was fun hanging out with you on Sunday.