Thursday, June 21, 2007

Some people...

This guy just can't keep his friggin' tires on the ground!

W@W race, 2007

See what I mean?

WW@W race, 2006

The first photo would be so much better if that poor second rider didn't look like he was about to run face-first into Camp's ass.

Anyway. I shot the first Wednesday at Wakefield race last night. Well, most of it. Halfway through the first race, a guy (rider #707) crashes in front of me. Not badly. Just a bobble/fall/hop off the bike kinda crash. When he goes to hop back on his bike, he notices the 4-5" gash on the back of his right calf. That thing had to be 1/2" deep or more. Thankfully, I only saw it for a brief second. But it was bad. The guy says something like "Shit, that's a big hole", hops off his bike, pulls his shirt off and ties it around the gash. I tell some passing racers that we need a medic out here (back side of the power-lines, maybe a 1/2 mile from the start/finish line). I grab my cell phone, punch in 911, and look up to see dood jogging/limping/hopping down the trail towards civilization. I say something like "Er, that might not be the best way to do things" just before 911 picks up and I give them the scoop. They ask "Is he having trouble breathing?", I say "I dunno, he just took off jogging down the trail, so I guess not". When he jogged off, he left his bike, so I decide to walk it back for him. I have an 10-second-long internal debate about whether I should walk it back now, or at the end of the race, after my shooting is complete. I decide now, in case he has somebody with him who can take it. By the time I get back to the start/finish area, he's long gone in the ambulance. I leave the bike with the race organizers (it was too small for me anyway) and head back out into the field just as the second race is starting. I shoot all of that race, but have to contend with fading daylight.

So, the photos should be resized and posted tonight (not that anybody actually reads this blog (yet)). I'll post in the usual forums/blogs once they're up.

Sticking with the Creative Commons-esque give-something-back-to-the-community vibe, I'm going to give away digital copies of the small shots free for (non-commercial) blog/web/email use.

However, it must be said that "Beer ain't free". So if people want full size, printable digital images, it's gonna cost them $10. If they want 8x12" photo prints, it'll be $25. Contact me via email (gmr2048 at yahoo dot com) and we'll arrange things.


camps said...

I hope that guy's leg is alright? odd that he left his bike there.
If you ever see me leave my photogenic green bike anywhere, you better know somethin's really wrong with me.

gmr2048 said...

Yeah, it was definitely strange. I think immediately after it happened, he was on an endorphin(sp?) high from racing full-tilt. So he probably wasn't feeling any pain. As soon as he saw it, he may have gone into a mild state of shock. He was talking and acting fine. But when he took off jogging down the trail...I wasn't sure what I should do.

KMAX said...

Nice pics! Looking forward to catching the rest of them when they're up!

That guy with the "cut" posted a comment on the More-mtb forum, said he got 30 stitches for it. Sounds like a pretty tough dude.

gmr2048 said...

Thanks kmax! I'll hit the MORE forum and see what that guy had to say. Ugh, 30 stitches. That'll leave a mark.

gwadzilla said...

helium in the tires

Unknown said...

Looking forward to the pix, brother.